My name is Wei Zhang(in Chinese: 张威). I am a graduate student at Columbia University, working with Professor John Paisley. I am also a member of Data Science Institute at Columbia University. I obtained my B.S. in Electrical Engineering of Honours, Co-operative Program from University of Waterloo in Canada, where I worked with Professor Xuemin(Sherman) Shen. I then obtained my M.S. in Electrical Engineering of Honors Program from Columbia University, where I worked with Professor Shih-Fu Chang and Professor Peter Allen.

My research interests are causal inference, counterfactual analysis and Bayesian machine learning and their applications in robot learning, computer vision and precision medicine. Feel free to contact me for collaboration opportunities if you are also interested in these fields.

Email: wz2363(at)columbia.edu.


2018 My Machine Learning notes is reported on the Chinese AI media: Synced. Link
2018 I did a presentation of a poster titled “Enhanced Recurrent Neural Network Semantic Labeling with Point Cloud Processing” at Northeast Robotics Colloquium (NERC) 2018. PosterDemo
2018 Homepage Online!


I write a tech blog Machine Learning notes. I summarize what I have learned in several machine learning courses.

Other information about me

  • I love to play basketball with friends during weekends. I also work out to improve my basketball skills.

  • My favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant.

  • Some other sports that I play: skiing,badminton,soccer.

  • I love reading autobiography like Steve Jobs and Ang Lee.

  • I play guitar. Demos can be found here.

About my homepage

I love to write blogs on technical contents. I will mainly post tech summary in my Blog section. The best way to keep track of my update is to subscribe it. Please feel free to comment at the bottom or use it for your need. But please cite it when you distribute it.