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AI Learning Hub is an open-sourced machine learning handbook. We contribute to this repo by summarizing interesting blog, course and/or notes of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, robotics and/or statistics. We also intend to provide each post with Chinese version.

We do this because we love AI and sharing. Excellent materials are the step stone for learning AI. We think everyone is deserved a chance to study AI with excellent materials. We welcome anyone to join us to make it better!

And you own whatever you write here!

What notes are/can be posted here?

We are looking for any related notes that are genuinely created by your own. By genuinity, we mean one of the following:

  1. You create and write the contents of notes from scratch. Everything is original.

  2. You summarize contents from related course(s), book(s) and note(s). You can merge contents from multiple sources. Although this is expected to be a summary, your summary should be original.

  3. You translate one of the notes in THIS repo.

View Contents

We provide with two ways to view and learn the blogs.

The best way to view the contents of any blog is to view the homepage of the author of that blog that especially interests you. The information of author’s homepage of each blog is listed in this README and will be updated as any changes happen.

We highly recommend this way to view the contents of any blog.

  1. Install Ruby environment. Instructions can be found here.

  2. Run

gem install jekyll bundler
  1. Run
git clone
cd AI_Learning_Hub
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll build
  1. In _site directory, you can find .html file. Then, you are able to view them locally.

Join us

You are very welcome to join us to improve this repo more!

Write Blog

The easiest way to contribute is to fork this project and write your own contents. Remember that you own whatever you write.

To unify the style of each blog, you should use markdown as the syntax with mathjax as a plugin for math. Of course, you can insert html code whenever you want. An example of header of a blog can be as below:

layout: single
mathjax: true
title: Regularization and Model Selection
share: true
permalink: /MachineLearning/sv_regularization_model_selection/

For layout, you better either choose single where comments are enabled or archive where comments are disabled. For more layout options, you can view here.

permalink is a slef-defined relative url path. If you want to host up your blog, you can append permalink to your site-url.

You better follow this procedure so that people can run ruby command to generate local page for view.

Host Blog

You can put up your own blog. The easiest way to do this is to use submodule from git.

Essentially, you have your own repo. Then you can run git submodule command to add this repo as a subdirectory to your original repo. This repo will just become one of the folders in your repo. You can access whatever you write here.

Distribution of contents

Distribution of contents without author’s permission is strictly prohibited.

Please respect the authorship of each blog there. If you want to distribute them, you can ask the author for permission. Every author here has all the rights to their written blog and is fully responsible for their written blogs.

Blog Information

Blogs in English

Module Blog Title Lang Author Contact
ML Generative Algorithm EN Wei Zhang
ML Discriminative Algorithm EN Wei Zhang
ML Support Vector Machine EN Wei Zhang
ML Bias-Varaince and Error Analysis EN Wei Zhang
ML Learning Theory EN Wei Zhang
ML Regularization and Model Selection EN Wei Zhang
ML Online Learning and Perceptron Algorithm EN Wei Zhang
ML K-Means EN Wei Zhang
ML EM Algorithm EN Wei Zhang
ML Variational Inference EN Wei Zhang
DL Nerual Networks EN Wei Zhang
DL Backpropagation EN Wei Zhang

Blogs in Chinese

Module Blog Title Lang Author Contact
ML Generative Algorithm CH Zishi Yan WeChat:air-sowhat
ML Discriminative Algorithm CH Xiaoxiao Lei WeChat: Dark417
ML Support Vector Machine CH Zishi Yan WeChat:air-sowhat
ML Bias-Varaince and Error Analysis CH Xiaoxiao Lei WeChat: Dark417
ML Regularization and Model Selection CH Xiaoxiao Lei WeChat: Dark417